Other Whisky Blogs to Peruse

Below is a (growing) list of blogs that I consistently check up on to stay informed & inspired. These folks are instrumental in building my knowledge base through their own passion for Whisky:

Ralfy – An independent “Malt Mate” with an encyclopedic knowledge of Scotch. Mostly review based in a video setting, it’s an absolute go-to for anybody with even a slight interest in Scotch.

The Scotch Addict – A very simple blog that posts compelling topics. Quick reads which are informative & entertaining.

@Son_of_Whisky – Matthew Stewart is a Glennfiddich brand ambassador. I follow many Scotch ambassadors on Twitter, however, this particular Twitter feed more often than not includes great insights into Whisky, thought-provoking questions and a great view into the world of an ambassador.

Master of Malt – This is part blog part online Whisky marketplace. I often frequent this site to further gather tasting notes by way of consumer review aggregates. Also a great source for cross-referencing international pricing.

The Whisky Exchange – This is actually a UK online Whisky marketplace. Not a blog, but the tasting notes here are fantastic.